Lovely flowers from craig :)

What beautiful weather we have……. (at Albany street)

Look at the size of this tooth that fell out of indies mouth! #teethingpup #wontstopchewing #shibainu

These are my strawberry cream and homemade jam cakes, blueberry choc brownies and lemon polenta biscuits #htabakeoff (at hta design)

First half of #htabakeoff is done! Images right to left are Roberto, Dan, Steph, Richard, Matt, (next photo) Jonathan, Alan, Pav, and Galinie

This is my biggest bowl….baking will be a challenge #htabakeoff

Pain cycle segment: Strava segment Dundas St: Eyre Place - Great King St

Check out this segment on Strava: — Dundas St: Eyre Place - Great King St

I’m worried to leave indie alone to long in case he eats through my tires! #teething #shibainu

Galinie’s dessert sushi! #htabakeoff (at hta design)

Indie managed to squeeze behind the couch

Shiba run time! (at Dean Village)

Pav’s chocolate brick #htabakeoff (at hta design)

I’m trying to do a past paper but indie keeps distracting me!

Alan’s fizzy strawberry popsicle mousse #htabakeoff

Some photos from my sister’s wedding this weekend :)

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