Indie at the duck pond at inverleith park this evening (at Duck Pond Inverleith Park!)

Hta bake off day 4 with @richfoxley world cup peanut butter flapjack.

Sleepy indie #shibainu

Sleepy pup #shibainu

Another tasty smoothie from foodies! (at hta design)

Tasty cakes are waiting for you Craig!

Missed indie the past few days!

Lovely weekend in argyll for kirsty’s hen party :) (at argyll)

Beautiful weather in argyll. Definitely feels warmer than this!

Last week’s start to the hta bake off with Roberto’s tarta de santiago (at hta design)

HTA bake off day 2 with Dan’s chocolate guiness cakes (at hta design)

End of the ceremony (at Caird Hall)

Nicole graduating in law! (at Caird Hall)

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