Jonathan’s vote for/against Scottish independence polenta cakes! #htabakeoff (at hta design)

Jam making!

Mmm homemade strawberry jam

Happy indie at inverleith park

Sunny inverleith park (at Inverleith Park)

Mmm love these! @foodieco

This is one of indies baby teeth! #shibainu

Matt’s diy strawberry cakes! #htabakeoff

Indie loves the window #shibainu

Photos from the first two weeks of the #htabakeoff with some interesting ideas!

May have tired him out!!!

Indie at the duck pond at inverleith park this evening (at Duck Pond Inverleith Park!)

Hta bake off day 4 with @richfoxley world cup peanut butter flapjack.

Sleepy indie #shibainu

Sleepy pup #shibainu

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